What We Do

Company V is an online business community and referral group.

We educate members in industry best practices and challenge members to be forward thinkers.

We encourage members to take advantage of various business tools to connect with each other and with their customers as well as provide a means by which quality referrals and connections can be facilitated.

The motivation for everything we do is to create and foster meaningful and mutually beneficial connections that engenderĀ a sense of community, strengthen brands and increase revenue.

We Help Business Owners

-Connect with other business owners

-Expand their exposure to new markets

-Increase revenue

-Find relevant information to help them develop strategies for success

We are a group of dynamic business men and women with two primary objectives

  1. to serve our members by providing high value meetings and content, and to provide an additional marketing platform for their products and services

  2. to provide a website that serves to reduce the friction of referrals- a website that is a resource to both our members and to their customers

Our members

  1. are industry leaders with referral mindsets

  2. share client-focused values such as relationship marketing and advocacy marketing

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