How We Do It

Company V Members stay connected through regular Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts replace physical meetings and allow members from all over the country to participate.

Website Resources

Members of Company V may have links to their webinars and Youtube educational videos posted on the Company V website.

Company V’s website is designed to be resource not only for its members but for its members’ clients.  Members are encouraged to submit white papers, video and other relevant content for the benefit of visitors to the website.

Each member will be listed on the Member Profiles page.  Company V members will also have their own member page with links to their business website, LinkedIn profile and social media links.

Social Media

Members may post updates and links on Company V’s Facebook fan page.

Company V shares relevant business information and promotes its members via Twitter.

General Meeting Agenda (1:00)

:00-:05   Welcome/Opening Remarks (Cristen)

:05-:10   Announcements & Congratulations- announcements of upcoming events and highlighting the successes of our members (Ike or Cristen)

:10-:20   Member Spotlight- the spotlighted member will give a 10 minute presentation on his or her business or a relevant topic (rotates among members-sign up by emailing your request to Iris)

:20-:30   Question & Answer Session- spotlighted member has the opportunity to answer specific questions about her or his business and how it relates to other members (all members are encouraged to participate)

:35-:40    Feedback- members offer constructive feedback to the spotlighted members so that they may refine their marketing and presentation skills

:40-:50   Roundtable Discussion- how the information presented can be applied to other members’ businesses and/or how members can incorporate that information into their referral mindset (all members are encouraged to participate)

:50-:55   Tips & Tricks- short segment that allows one member to share a business tip, trick, idea or inspiration designed to help and encourage other members of the group

:55-:60    Meeting Wrap Up (Cristen)

Meeting Agendas and Google Hangouts are designed to:

-enhance member experiences by offering face to face interactions with other members

-help members develop marketing and presentation skills

-offer members the opportunity to test new ideas in a safe and nurturing environment

-offer members the opportunity to learn from other members and to develop critical thinking skills that will help them better serve their client

-be refreshing and uplifting

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